Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Obama Goes Creative Commons

If you've been living under a stone for the past few months, the next president of the USA, Barack Obama, had his team build a web site where he shares his thoughts, ideas and plans. That is itself probably constitutes a revolution but it gets better: You can talk to these guys. Or rather send them your ideas, hopes and worries. And it seems these really count. I mean, how much better can it get?

It can: The site and all content is under the Create Commons license CC-BY which basically means the content is free as long as you say where you got it from (read the license for details). Amazing :)

Thanks for the nice Christmas present, Mr. Soon-President! It really makes me happy to know that there is finally someone who gets the Internet.

Links: Lawrence Lessig's Blob (he's the inventor of CC, just in case).

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