Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to Work Better

From the wall of a corporate building in Zurich:

  1. Do One Thing at a Time
  2. Know the Problem
  3. Learn to Listen
  4. Learn to Ask Questions
  5. Distinguish Sense from Nonsense
  6. Accept Change as Inevitable
  7. Admit Mistakes
  8. Say It Simple
  9. Be Calm
  10. Smile


runningsystem said...

I was going by a train from Z├╝rich to St. Gallen and saw this text as well on a building. I was able to read only the first few sentences before my train passed by.

I was searching for this text with google, but didn't find it.

Now I was really surprised, to find it in your blog.

Thanks for posting it.

Aaron Digulla said...

You're welcome :)

I had the same problem. When I saw it first in 1999, I was commuting once per week from Germany to Zurich. Every week, I took down another sentence as I passed by until I had them all ;)