Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jazzon: Weblog in 15 minutes II

I wish I could link that presentation because it was the best I've seen in the whole show, both visually and how it was presented. So here is the link to the abstract. There is something to be learned by this talk for anyone who wants to demo a software: One human being can't talk and use a computer at the same time. While David explained things, Bertrand wrote the code. Thumbs up!

And in this case, the visual candy didn't distract from the fact that these guys were really showing off something that ought to have an impact. They showed agile web development with Apache Sling.

A sling gives you range and power and Apache Sling does just that. With just a few pieces of JavaScript added to an existing static HTML web site, they built a blog in roughly 10 minutes. Impressive. I've got to try this out myself, probably this weekend.

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Bertrand Delacretaz said...

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Just found a video of a similar, but slightly older, presentation that David did on his own, at